Monday, May 2, 2011

National Offend a Feminist Week 2011

Being that I'm a "homemaker advocate", this Suzy Q. must do her part in offending feminists around the globe. Will I picket on the roadside with angry eyebrows as they do? No. Will I decoupage my vehicle with hateful bumper sticker propaganda? No. I will simply go about my day as planned and stick to the original mission...fulfilling my purpose on this earth. Allow me to brief you on operation "Trophy Wife":
I'm going to put my apron on, make a delicious dinner (possibly even dessert), fold laundry, take our children to the playground, work out (so that I look good for my man and feel good about myself), serve my husband a cold beer when he gets home from work, and also give him some sweet lovin' when the kiddies go to bed.

The word "trophy" is defined as:

1. Anything taken in war, hunting, competition, etc., especially when preserved as a memento; spoil, prize, or award.
2. Anything serving as a token or evidence of victory, valor, skill, etc.
3. A carving, painting, or other representation of objects associated with or symbolic of victory or achievement.

How can a woman not smile when she is considered a symbol of a man's achievement? His successes are mine and visa-versa; a true companionship. Our daughter is only 2 but when she's old enough she'll be taught that she can do anything that a man can do, but if he wants to do it for her, then let him. Why women wanted to be taken off of their pedestal is beyond my comprehension. My husband serves his family by working hard and bringing home a paycheck and I serve by managing the home, finances, children, and so much more. Each job is equally important and essential to marriage and family life.
When pleading the cause of the stay-at-home mom, you'll often hear women say, "But what about MY career?", or, "I need to have a life of my own". Here's the thing ladies, YOU are not your own. Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 6:20 that, "For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." Not only that, if a woman is married and has children, she also belongs to the greatest people on earth...her family. And with that comes the great task of raising children of and for God in a world that seeks to destroy their precious little souls...and of course the diapers, laundry and dishes. By those standards, I have the most fulfilling and draining career in the world.

Matthew 23:11 says, "But the greatest among you shall be your servant". Now I'll be honest, I don't always feel so great when I'm the 1st one to rise and the last one to go to bed and look and feel like Quasimodo from picking up toys all day, just so that the Mr. doesn't have to come home to a mine field...but "great is my reward in heaven", right? There are of course the earthly rewards as well. To realize that, all I have to do is look at my beautiful family and look forward to planning my 50th wedding, because if we continue to follow God's will for our life, there WILL be a 50th wedding anniversary! It's possible that one or both of us could already have passed away but there will be celebrating, nonetheless.

My heart truly goes out to these mislead women because they're missing out on so much...other than just their bras. My prayer is that they will put away their pant suits and picket signs and discover their true femininity and embrace it. I don't think anyone has ever been truly fulfilled by only serving themselves. To the mommas who are super moms who work full-time and still have the energy and time to "do it all", please tell me what vitamins you're on because this lil' lady just couldn't do maybe I'm the weak one. You no doubt serve your family in love but also financially. Your sacrifices are eternal as well. I just sincerely believe in one truth and that an "ideal" in this life still exists. Maybe I'm wrong. There is so much importance in why we were glorify His name and we do that by fulfilling our purpose, "Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man." 1 Corinthians 11:9. 
Now, for your enjoyment, a funny article about today's festivities...

P.S. I'm also going to continue NOT using birth control...that should really eat at 'em!

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