Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Black Belt in Scam

Why do karate schools have to be so shady about their pricing? I understand that they want you to truly understand their program and its benefits before they round-house kick you with the cost, but for the love of Bruce Lee, just tell me how much it costs! We really want to sign our son up so I went in the the nearest Dojo and inquired about their program...and prices. She gave me a flier (er, flyer?) and told me about the program and then said that I would need to make an appointment to basically have my lil' dragon warrior "assessed". After the $10 assessment, he'll receive a ninja suit (a Gi) and the cost will be explained...I'm sure with a power point presentation, "Rocky" music, and with quick flashes of Daniel-Son, Kung-fu Panda, and possibly even Chuck Norris...we can only hope.
I read some reviews online on this particular Dojo and patrons said that they require a contract. What? Are you peddling cell phones or something? They're kids!! One day they want to be a Paeleontologists and the next, Superman. So tell me Sensei, can you teach him to leap tall bulidings in a single bound? Use his laser eyes to cut steel? If so, where do I sign? I'm all for trying to encourage my children to stick to their commitments but not when legal contracts are concerned. If I can't find a school that is contract free then I guess he'll just have to stick to getting his training from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (thankful for Netflix!)...turtle power!!!

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